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Saterbros integrates a wide array of disciplines to our Consulting services. Our long experience and healthy track record can provide consulting regarding, demographics, economic geography, area development, geographic information, marketing, strategic planning, retail management, and financial analysis. We can bring you the information needed to move on with your business venture. It’s very straight forward and simple. The numbers you need to see are given. We do not leave our affiliates in the dark. If an investment is worth going forward with, we’ll give you the OK. Time is money, and we waste no time.

Our solutions are customized to the needs and specifications of each location and client – we do not adhere to the belief that the unique needs of our clients can be satisfied with a pre-programmed approach. This means that we spend a lot of time in the field understanding what makes each location and micro-market unique. We also get to know people at all levels in order to completely understand their priorities, processes, perceptions and concerns. In addition, we bring a rigorous financial methodology to our work. Every recommendation is evaluated in terms of its highest value and return on your investment. And we know how important your investment is. By using our Site Analysis Project Report, we eliminate the wrong business decision to move forward or not.