Saterbros :: the ability, to deliver…


In 1970 Saterbros was founded by Mark Sater as “ADAM Corporation for the Middle East”; an Oil Import/Export firm, which primarily worked throughout North Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Patriot, USA, Shell, and Mobil Oil were our main suppliers. At that time it consisted only of 2 Shell service stations. Around 1974 we began acquiring multiple locations in Southern California, all branded differently. We worked with Unocal 76, Mobil, Exxon, ARCO and mostly USA Gas.

  • Our first gas station, Ivory Coast Africa
  • Time with the employees.

In 1986, two major things occurred that began the fast pace growth cycle of what the company is today. First, the Saterbros team began to grow quickly. With new family members moving to the US, expansion of the company’s operations was a must. Second, our company’s very first development was complete. This gave the company a motivational spark to grow bigger and move quicker.

  • Our first ampm, Chino Ca. In ampm uniform at the ages of 7 & 4 years old.
  • The long gone ampm Bigfoot Boss.

What started up as a spectrum of different oil brands had now narrowed its way down to one brand, ‘ARCO’. Although the company is not limited to operating within the scope of a single franchise we have vested most of our trust in ARCO. We believe passionately in the ARCO brand, and the combination our success shows that.

From 1980 until the present we have constructed and purchased numerous locations, and sold a large number of them. A few more family members have joined the team and a few more are on the way. Our locations have spread throughout California, from the North in Fresno all the way east into the Inland Valley and South to San Diego. We’ve operated ARCO sites in the Pacific North West and Sunoco sites on the East Coast.

In 2004 ARCO developed a Franchise Advisory Council. These board members are responsible for providing essential feedback to ARCOs future development. Mark Sater was appointed as one of the few members to the council.

In 2003 the company decided to develop solely within the new arena of Super Sites. These Super Sites consist of 8 to 12 MPDs, Car Wash Facilities, 3600 sqft. C-stores, and Full Service Lube centers. We even have plans to incorporate additional Coffee Kiosks onsite. The decision was made to change our direction of operations. So, we sold 10 locations to begin our new leap forward. All the sites sold financed this fresh new offer. Currently, we are operating 35 locations and are in contract to develop 5 new ones.