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Who We Are

Saterbros is a Results-driven professional team, with a solid verifiable career track for successfully propelling through start-up, existing ventures, and high-growth cycles. The company is known for delivering revenue and profit gains within highly competitive regional markets. Saterbros is highly effective in identifying opportunities, developing focus, and providing tactical business solutions. Saterbros has over 30 Years of Gas Station, Car Wash, C-Store Operations, and Development experience. Aggressive pricing leader and quality customer care. That is the Saterbros difference.

The No.1 leading ‘petroleum dealer’ of its kind. We are one of the oldest, largest, and successful dealers on the West Coast. With over 35 petrol locations and 30 years plus experience, we have an outstanding business to partner relationship with a track record to prove it. Matched up with one of the largest energy companies in the world, we are proud to work side by side with ARCO BP as one of the highest ranking dealers.

We are a complex and fully equipped business team consisting largely of family, life time partners and employees. We don’t only operate our sites, but develop them as well. From operations to development, consulting and training we know this business all too well.

We provide full consulting services to help guide new dealers through the backdoors of development, sales, marketing and management.

Our business practices consist of more than just full service stations alone. We also own and operate multiple retail centers across Southern California. We are always in the business of growth and new opportunities.